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SEO Services

Content Creation

  • Creative
  • Original
  • Write for your Audience
  • Create New
  • Update

Code Optimization

  • Minimize duplication
  • Eliminate whitespace
  • IDs & Classes with keywords
  • External stylesheets
  • Image Alt Tags


  • Target Audience
  • Relevant to Site
  • Content Generated
  • Accurate Information
  • Consistent with code


  • Promotional Tracking
  • Blind Testing/Review
  • Debugging
  • Site Tracking
  • User Experience

Webmaster Tools

  • Keyword validation
  • Pay Per Click
  • Debugging
  • Optimizing
  • Paid Search Ads

Social Networking

  • Customer Communication
  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Advertisement Opportunity
  • Promotional Tracking


  • Dates
  • Logs/Forums
  • Product Information
  • Company Overview
  • Plugins


  • Lead Generation
  • Online sales
  • Customer Feedback
  • Site Analytics
  • Customer Support

Why Work With Eaajm ink's SEO team?

  • ✔ We follow Google Webmaster & SEO guidelines.
  • ✔ We will review & edit your website's content.
  • ✔ We will review the flow and structure of your website.
  • ✔ We will look for broken links and provide possible redirect options.
  • ✔ We will look at your current marketing to see where we can integrate.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
is about leading users to the most relevant, accurate content that can be found online, through their given search.

Even though SEO consists of an extensive set of online techniques there are
3 basic best practices to start with.

1st: Through Coding

Utilizing meta tags within an html file provides search engines with a snippet of information about the content/data within each page; which is one of the main reasons it is important to keep the information unique and relative to the page itself instead of relying on one set of meta tags for use throughout the entire website.

The title tag is very similar to a chapter title within a book, it should be made up of a few words that provide a lot of information about the content within the page.

The description meta tag is a place to briefly summarize and paraphrase the page content in an appealing way that can help guide users to the right content.

2nd: Through Designing

The development and implementation of a well thought out website structure that leads users to the content they are searching for.

The first step is to choose a domain name that is simple to remember, relevant to the content and unique.

Next, when creating file names and folders, choose names that are relative to the content within and make the path as short and efficient as possible.

It is also import to, organize the content within a page and the website in a way to help guide a user along a specific path. This can be accomplished with proper headings, anchor text and call to actions.

3rd: Through Writing

The most important element for both a successful website and SEO is, ensuring that the content within a website is optimized for the user.

This entails providing high quality copywriting that is written with the intent of providing the user with the information they are looking for.

Along with, providing high quality images that are relavent to the content. It is best to have images that are optimized for the different screen resolutions as well as, utilizing the alt tags within html; which provide a description of the image when the image cannot be displayed, typically alt tags are used for assistive technology, such as speech readers.

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