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    Eaajm ink is an
  • Integrated Marketing Communications,
  • Web Design & Development,
  • Visual Communications,
  • Photo Editing
  • Studio.

Our mission is to help our clients
deliver the information they need to through an attractive, engaging, and creative manner.

Our integrated marketing communications approach encourages bringing together old, current, and new marketing campaigns in an effective way.

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  • Copy-writing &
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  • Effects, Optimization & Adjustments
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  • Custom, Vector &
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Who We Are:

We are ambitious innovative thinkers who strive to take it to the next level. Lead by a Husband and Wife Duo!

Enrique is our:
Video Editor
Graphic Designer
Demographics Specialist
Photo Editor
VFX Creative Director
UI/UX Strategist
April is our:
Art Director
Branding & IMC
Web Designer
SEO & Analytics
Content Developer
Database Manager
UI/UX Designer

Meet our team:

Garbriel is our:
- Java C, C++ & C# Senior Programmer
- App/Web Developer
- Computer Systems Engineer
- Database Admin
- Electronics Engineer
Learn Something New Everyday!
(for it's always a new beginning)

Our Process:

A Tic Tac Toe board to represent strategy
plan of action
A monitor with a wireframe website to represent design
site architecture
A manilla folder holding different files types to represent development
implement design
A green go live button to represent the launching of a website
& maintain
First, we want to learn everything we can about you, your company, your industry and your specific goals.
Then, we want to co-develop an agile plan to achieve those goals.

1 Strategy +


just how far do you want to go

The Strategy: Is where we find out what we need to know about you and your users. Followed by building out a detailed plan of action. During this stage we will talk about your brand strategy, who your market is, who your competitors are and design a unique content/user experience strategy for your specific needs.

Brand Strategy
Who. What. Why.
Market Research
People. Groups. Businesses.
Competitive Analysis
Similarities. Differences. Expectations.
Content Strategy
Planning. Developing. Maintaining.
User Experience Strategy
Simple. Exciting. Informative.

2 Design +


let's make something amazing!

The Design: Is where we take the information and the content that was gathered, combine it with creativity and turn it into the architecture of what the site is going to look like.

Flow. Organization. Responsive.
Visual Communications
Purpose. Message. Connection.

3 Develop +


turning the imaginary into reality!

The Development: Is where we build out all the design concepts.

Best Practices. Clean. Optimized.
Blogs. Brand Messages. Copy.
Designing. Communicating. Motivating.
Photo Editing
Optimizing. Adjusting. Placing.

4 Go Live +

Go Live

it's just the beginning

Go Live: Is where we maintain, monitor and test the site for the first 6 months.

It's important to understand that we all try to predict what the user is going to do, however, it's impossible without a live site tracking data.

The Next Step

Webmaster Tools
Analysing Analytics. Pay Per Click. Keyword Monitoring.
Promotional Material
Landing Pages. Banner Ads. Infograhics. How-to Tutorials. Social Media Marketing.
*If you're not exactly sure where to start take a look at our web design page for more information.

What We Do:

We facilitate communication through...

We are dedicated to building an experience that provides results.

Promotional Packages

Landing Page

The Essential Five

Product Plus



Design It

Develop It

Connect It

Experience It

Why Work With Eaajm ink?

  • ✔ We design responsively.
  • ✔ We write XHTML compliant code.
  • ✔ We organize files in an SEO friendly way.
  • ✔ We optimize images & photos.
  • ✔ We use google analytics & webmaster tools.
  • ✔ We perform online competitive & market analysis.
  • ✔ We develop UI/UX & content strategies.
  • ✔ We help set clear return on investment goals.

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